Xane, an immortal vampire, is alone at the end of time surrounded by a world he almost destroyed.     He discovers a way to return to the past and travels back through time to save his family and stop himself from becoming a monster. Cain, the original vampire, kidnaps Titus, Xane’s present self, and brainwashes him to believe that those trying to rescue him are actually attempting to kill him. Xane, along with Titus’s friends, set out to save his life and stop him from killing Cain and inheriting the curse. During the rescue, Xane is unable to change the course of time resulting in Titus killing Cain.  Xane was able to save his loved ones, but the future is now uncertain. Titus has inherited the curse and is ready to take on the world.

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Director:    Johnny Pedragon
Starring:   Dylan Wood (The Day Hope Died), Jon A. Revenholt (Mark of the Veil), Parker Boles (A Flash of Hearts),  Kitty Suzanne Sigler (Unregulated)

Year:  2019

Country: USA
Running Time: 118 min.
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy