A River Within (original: Stroomop)

A River Within is a story of five women who are all drowning in the rough waters of their own realities. For very different reasons these women end up together as a group in the ‘Adventure Therapy’ – they will go to the Orange River for a river-rafting trip. In the quiet wilderness of the mountain their differences created constant underlying friction. During one of the arguments their raft is swept away and their guide is lost in the terrifying whitewater rapids. They are now on their own. They must rely on their own knowledge and abilities to survive in the wilderness and that is frightening. But they are unaware of the fact that their own realities and life experiences have already prepared them for the challenges ahead. But would that be enough? A River Within is an exciting adventure film about self-discovery, self-acceptance, forgiveness and true friendship. Click here to see the trailer!  
Director: Ivan Botha    Starring: Donnalee Roberts (Road to your Heart, Forever), Chanelle de Jager ( Outlander), Simone Nortmann (For the Birds), Ilse Klink (Cold Harbour), Armand Aucamp (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom) Year: 2018 Country: South Africa Running Time: 106 min. Genre: Adventure


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