evdah is a feeling of life filled with melancholy, yearning, and beautiful sorrow, expressed in its purest form through the sevdalinka. This unique song-form, which has been alive over 400 years in Bosnia, is often compared with fado or blues. In Bosnia, sevdah is as important as life, love, death, happiness, sorrow… and probably because it is so familiar and close to everyone, everyone in Bosnia will provide a different definition. Instead of aiming to define sevdah, this film is evoking that feeling through stories, music and pictures. Different people will bring stories to film, but three of them carry three basic film lines. These people are Farah, Damir and Marina. The writer, the musician and the director. They discover emotional echoes of Bosnia’s tradition, recent tragic past and present in the souls of the people they meet. Together they travel through the world of sevdah, a place that doesn’t exist in the material, apparent world, but as a spiritual space of people who live and feel sevdah, create and sing sevdalinka songs. This film is an emotional, musical, lyrical and visual journey through the soul of Bosnia, through emotions and memories of its people. Click here to see the trailer!  
Director: Marina Andree Skop Starring: Damir Imamovic Year: 2009 Country: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Running Time: 66 Minutes Genre: Documentary


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These are the film and television festivals and markets we attend in order to market our films and series, meet with our buyers and look for potential acquisition opportunities.

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