In a dangerous world where memories can be bought and sold like drugs on the street, a government agent named “Frank” awakens with a bullet in his side, a gun in his hand and no memory of who he really is. As he works to put the pieces of his past back together the agent is pursued by government assassins hellbent on keeping the memories in his head a secret.

Racing against time Frank locates his former criminal underworld best friend, Freddy and his ex-fiance Aamina, who help him as he takes dangerous steps to resurrect his memories to find out why the assassins are trying to kill him.

As he fights for his survival “Frank” realizes his memories unveil the crimes of not just his own past — but the pasts of others who are trapped inside his mind. Those memories also reveal the actions of a corrupt government agency that has been poisoning the public and will do anything and kill anyone to keep it a secret.

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Director:  Kenlon Clark  
Starring:  Adam G. Simon (Point Blank, The Raid), Joshua Alba (Alpha Dog, Dark Angel), Henry Simmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., No Good Deed), Sophina Brown (Because I Said So, Law & Order)      

Year: 2021  
Country: USA
Running Time: 87 min.    
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Crime  


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