Don’t Speak

Group of friends has a party on a boat. In the distance, a small town watches them in silence. One of the boys gets injured and the group decides to seek help in the village. But, no one attends, the few terrified inhabitants they find order them to be quiet and to better leave as soon as they can. The group splits in order to find help faster and that is when they start finding out about the evil that lives in the village. Few of them are killed and those who still live, increasingly terrified, are trying to uncover the reason for all these murders. The only thing they found is that if they want to leave the village alive they will have to be absolutely quiet! “Terrifying – Oculus meets Conjuring!” Click here to see the trailer!
Director: Amadeu Artasona Starring: Liliana CABAL (Red Lights, Exit), Saras GIL (Project Lazarus), Chrys HOBBS (Mama), Banjamin NATHAN-SERIO (Red Lights), Melina MATHEWS (Mama) Year: 2014 Country: Spain, USA Running Time: 83 Minutes Genre: Horror


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Sawdust in the Blood used to be a Carny compliment...not a description of a crime scene. There are a thousand sideshows playing thousands of small towns in 1936 when the Knuckles Brothers Show rolls into yet another town, ready to delight and dazzle the town folk with...

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Dead Shack

Dead Shack

It’s shaping up to be a pretty good weekend for 14-year-old Jason. He’s driving up to a cottage in the woods with his best friend Colin, Colin’s older sister Summer and their parents. Jason was really looking forward to hanging out with his friends, especially with...

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Hopped Up

Hopped Up

Group of young girls, all criminals with various backgrounds and arrested for variety of crimes from car theft to murder, was brought to peaceful isolated mountain lodge. There, exposed to the influence of the experimental drug administered by the not so sane doctor,...

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Film and Television

Markets and Festivals

These are the film and television festivals and markets we attend in order to market our films and series, meet with our buyers and look for potential acquisition opportunities.

Close to each event we will publish our screenings and meetings schedule for potential availability.

  • American Film Market
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • European Film Market
  • Hong Kong Filmart
  • KidScreen Summit
  • NATPE Budapest
  • NATPE Miami
  • Toronto International Film Festival