Produced as a multinational effort of producers and broadcasters, this brand new series for the first time does not talk about the conflict, but about all the reasons people of the former Yugoslavia lived together for so long.  For five decades Yugoslavia flirted with the West and laughed at the Iron Curtain of the East without never really embracing either.  During all that time very rich and very unique (and peculiar) lifestyle has taken shape – from the gum they use to chew to the TV shows they wouldn’t want to miss, and everything in between.  This is very entertaining and easy to watch television for all. The series, whose production is being closely followed by the major European broadcasters, reveals the best, the funniest, the most unbelievable truths about history and people of former Yugoslavia.  Carefully collected, developed and restored filmed and recorded materials from official and private archives are now revealed and edited into a 26 episodes TV series.  And there is more coming…

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Director: Various
Starring: Various
Year: 2011
Country: Serbia, Croatia
Running Time: 13 x 60 Minutes
Genre: TV Series