Childhood best friends, Nina and Hugo, shared many adventures. But today, those adventures are just painful memories and reminders of the past. Hugo, a successful travel photographer, returns home  for the first time in 10 years. He arrives the day before Nina is about to get married. But her fairy tale moment turns into a devastating storm when her fiancé chickens out and leaves Nina alone and humiliated at the altar. In shock and hysterical, she insists that the wedding reception goes ahead – with or without the groom. After too much champagne and a long night of partying, Nina and Hugo wake up on an airplane as the captain’s voice welcomes them to Mauritius – the Island of Love. There, day after day, painful memories resurface until all their hidden truths and fears are revealed and a long lost love can’t be denied anymore.

FOREVER (orig. title: Vir Altyd) is the biggest love adventure of the year and it officially broke all box office records in South African film history!

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Director:    Jaco Smit
Starring:    Ivan Botha, DonnaLee Roberts, Andre Jacobs, Dierdre Wolhuter, Dirk Stoltz, Wilson Dunster, Elize Cawood
Year:  2016
Country: South Africa
Running Time: 105 minutes
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Adventure