Eternal Winter (orig.: Orok Tel)

Christmas 1944. Soviet soldiers invade Hungary and drag every young woman with German origins away from a small village and transport them to a Soviet labor camp where they are forced to work in the coal mines under inhuman conditions. This is where Irén, one of the Hungarian women, meets Rajmund who decides to teach her how to survive. While she is determined to return home to her little daughter and family, history and fate have a different plan: Irén and Rajmund fall in love. Click here to see the trailer!  
Director:    Attila Szasz Starring:   Sergej Onopko (Red Sparow), Laura Dobrosi ( Easy Living), Belazs Veres (The Alienist) Year: 2018 Country: Hungary Running Time:  110 min.  Genre: War/Drama


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The Glass Room

The Glass Room

Adapted from British author Simon Mawer’s, Man Booker prize winning bestseller, inspired by the dramatic events of the 20th century Europe from early 1930s through the storm clouds of World War II, until Russian occupation of the Czechoslovakia in 1968, The Glass...

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Where We Disappear

Where We Disappear

This is a story of survival. A young mother, Anastasia waits in a Moscow train station for the return of her husband from WWII. With hope to free herself and her son from his abuse, she tries to leave him. When he gives her no way out, she stabs him to protect herself...

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