The Affair

Adapted from British author Simon Mawer’s, Man Booker prize winning bestseller, inspired by the dramatic events of the 20th century Europe from early 1930s through the storm clouds of World War II, until Russian occupation of the Czechoslovakia in 1968, The Glass Room is an intricate portrayal of a true love story against the backdrop of history.

Early 1930s in Czechoslovakia – The Landauers, a recently married couple, commission German architect Rainer von Abt to build a unique house for them – a minimalist masterpiece made of steel and concrete. At first, Viktor and Liesel are filled with optimism and happiness. But as life intervenes, their new home also brings out their most passionate desires and darkest secrets. While Viktor searches for a warmer, less challenging comfort in the arms of another woman, Liesel turns to her wild, mischievous friend Hana for excitement, the marriage begins to show signs of strain. The radiant honesty and idealism of 1930s quickly evaporate beneath the storm clouds of World War II. As Nazi troops enter the country, the family must leave their old life behind and attempt to escape to America before Viktor’s Jewish roots draw Nazi attention, and before the family itself dissolves. However, after the war Liesel decides to get back to Czechoslovakia and look for her friend, Hana.

This brilliant film with the star-studded cast will surely find its way to the audiences worldwide.

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Director:    Julius Sevcik    
Starring:   Claes Bang (The Square, The Girl in the Spider’s Web), Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones, Valkyrie), Hanna Alstrom (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Roland Moller (Atomic Blonde, Skyscraper), Karel Roden (RocknRolla, The Bourne Supremacy)    
Year: 2019   
Country: Czech Republic   
Running Time: 104 min.   
Genre: Historical Drama


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