In a city full of criminals, what difference these two make?!

Dirty Dead Con Men (DDCM) is a cool and dangerous, neo-noir crime film that revolves around the disturbed lives of two unlikely partners: Mickey Rady, a rogue undercover cop and Kook Packard, a smooth and charismatic con man. Together they rip off those operating outside of the law – for their own personal gain. But things go awry when one heist sucks them deep into a city-wide conspiracy, leaving Kook framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and Mickey set-up for a gang hit, gone bad. With the FBI patiently waiting for them to slip – can they trust each other to the end? Now the duo must find out who’s conning them – to protect themselves, and the ones they love.

“This film is as cool as The Sting and as smooth as Confidence“ The Wrap

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Director:   Marie-Grete Heinemann

Starring:   Peter Dobson (Forest Gump, Last Exit to Brooklyn), Kevin Interdonato (Bad Frank, Blue Collar Boys), Amanda Clayton (Bleed for This, NCIS New Orleans, John Carter), Claudia Christian (Half Past Dead, Babylon 5), Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, In the Eyes of a Killer), Kristen Dalton (The Departed, Jack Reacher)

Year: 2018

Country: USA
Running Time: 85 min.
Genre: Action/Crime Drama