When ambitious young screenwriter learns the film studios are only interested in films based on true stories, he shelves his new fictional script and decides to work on the studio’s interests.

When all his options are running out, he discovers a local teenage girl has gone missing. He takes this opportunity to search for her, not out of the kindness of his heart – he believes this could be the perfect plot for his true story screenplay. He recruits three eccentric characters to join him, because every great story needs a supporting cast.

Will they find the girl? Will he create the true story he was hoping for? Or will everything come crashing down around them?

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Director:  Callum Crawford  
Starring:  Annette Badland (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Anna Acton (EastEnders), Jamie Foreman (Layer Cake)
Year: 2018
Country:  United Kingdom
Running Time: 102 min.
Genre: Comedy, Mystery