In Cop Hunt Budapest police is investigating a series of ritual murders. The cops, exhausted by the investigation, are both the hunters and the game – all victims of the gruesome murders are police officers. In such stressed situation they are not entirely happy to be joined on the case by John Holdon, the newly arrived Interpol agent and expert in serial murders. Through rivalry and cooperation, Holdon and homicide Detective Captain Rezes are both desperately trying to find the killers.

Racing against time and fighting their way through motor clubs, universities and secret fight clubs, they slowly start realizing who they are risking their lives for…

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Director:   József Kovalik
Starring:   Iván Kamarás (Spy, A good Day to Die Hard) Zolee Ganxsta (A good Day to Die Hard), Ralph Berkin (Black Soup), Zsolt Anger (The Investigator)

Year: 2017
Country: Hungary
Running Time: 106 min.
Genre:  Action