Archie (Fox) is a robotic canine created by world-renowned roboticist Brooke Benton (Isabelle) to help those in need. Though he looks like a normal dog, he’s anything but. He can talk and run at blinding speed, has super strength and x-ray vision. When her research program is shut down by the military, Brooke helps Archie escape in the hopes of finding a family to care for him. Archie then wanders into the small town of Deanewood where Isabel Sullivan (Desjardins)  has just moved to live with her uncle Paul (Dunne), the town’s mayor and owner of Deanewood’s best burger-joint. Feeling very alone, Isabel struggles to find friends until she meets Archie. They quickly form a close bond and become friends while helping Paul retain his position as town mayor.

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Director:   Robin Dunne
Starring:   Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future), Katherine Isabelle (Bad Times at El Royale), Sarah Desjardins (Van Helsing), Jonathan Whitesell (Riverdale)
Year:  2016
Country:  Canada
Running Time: 88 min.
Genre: Family, Sci-Fi