A Walk with Grace

When his mother dies just before Easter, widowed hotshot LA exec Nate Lassiter must finally return to his hometown in Ohio. He is bringing his headstrong daughter Chloe and she will see dad’s hometown for the first time. Nate must face and complete a daunting task of signing away his family’s factory.

Form the start, Nate will collide with his spitfire cousin-with-a-grudge who was forced to run the factory when Nate left years before; a brewing and seemingly inevitable labor-strike lead by his high school wrestling buddy. But the most challenging will be a legal battle over the factory sale – brought on by the girl he left behind, Grace. Forced to search his soul and embrace his past, in rediscovering his hometown and people he once loved, Nate just might reconnect – with his Grace!


“An uplifting Family romance with stellar cast” – Wrap




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Director: Nick Kellis


Ashley Bratcher (War Room, Unplanned),  David Lee Smith (Fight Club, The Man from Earth, CSI Miami), Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome, The Flintstones), Jason London (Dazed & Confused, The Man In The Moon), Cindy Pickett (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Guiding Light), Joe Estevez (Turning Point, Not Another B Movie), Austin St. John (A Gift Of The Heart, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Jenni-Kate Deshon (How I Met Your Mother, Design), Yorke Fryer (Extinct, Grand Theft Auto V), Nicole Dambro (The Axiom), Lance Paul (A Kiss On Candy Cane Lane)

Year: 2020

Country: USA  
Running Time: 100 min. 
Genre: Romance, Family  


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