A Case of Deceit begins with police investigation of a series of mysteriously connected murders – several well known computer hackers are dead; violent murders seem to be connected. Craig Lones, an edgy cop with an attitude, soon learns that Phil Scotts, notorious local crime lord is trying to buy stolen missile guidance chips from a Russian crime syndicate and he may have had a hand in the hackers’ deaths.  With two impatient British henchmen, a slew of mercenaries, Craig’s feisty ex partner, and a double crossing deal which unveils an even larger conspiracy, the seemingly unrelated events soon prove to be more connected than anyone would know.

“When crime doesn’t pay… somebody will”

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Director: Adam Kirkey
Starring: Jonathan Baldock, Leslye – Aikayla so, Victor Radics, Michael Hannigan, J.D. Coulter
Year: 2011
Country: Canada
Running Time: 77 Minutes
Genre: Action