The Business of Pleasure

Obsessed with the disappearance of her best friend who became a victim of sex trafficking, a journalist plots an undercover operation in order to expose the criminal network. But as her accomplices draw closer to the boss, the situation gets out of control and they struggle to get out alive.

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Director: Goce Cvetanovski



Slagana Vujosevik (Snow White Dies at the End)

Musa Isufi (The Stairs, Viking Quest)                                                                                                                                                       

Katerina Kocevska (Before the Rain, Three Days in September)                                                                                                     

Year: 2023  

Country: North Macedonia/USA    
Running Time: 95 min.   
Genre: Thriller/Crime Drama  


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Max, a struggling actor living in South Africa, has flown into Sydney, Australia for the audition of his life. As soon as he lands things start to go horribly wrong when his girlfriend Sallie disappears. Frustrated with the police’s lack of progress in finding her,...

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Dirty Dead Con Men

Dirty Dead Con Men

In a city full of criminals, what difference these two make?! Dirty Dead Con Men (DDCM) is a cool and dangerous, neo-noir crime film that revolves around the disturbed lives of two unlikely partners: Mickey Rady, a rogue undercover cop and Kook Packard, a smooth and...

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Dora’s Peace

Dora’s Peace

Dora is a prostitute living out a precarious existence - Now in her forties, she has seen it all. Once she had been in relationship with Stavro, a Greek bookie who she still sees occasionally. But now the years are catching up, and even she knows that the life she has...

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Film and Television

Markets and Festivals

These are the film and television festivals and markets we attend in order to market our films and series, meet with our buyers and look for potential acquisition opportunities.

Close to each event we will publish our screenings and meetings schedule for potential availability.

  • American Film Market
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • European Film Market
  • Hong Kong Filmart
  • KidScreen Summit
  • NATPE Budapest
  • NATPE Miami
  • Toronto International Film Festival