The Blessing

Medical scientists Arthur and Lerner created an experimental drug for terminally ill patients, but the German Lab they worked for cancels the research. Further investigating, Arthur discovers that medication has the power to suppress fear. Not fully understanding the real potential of their discovery they chose random patients to test the drug. In the process lives of seven people changed dramatically as they become involved with a drug capable of suppressing the most fundamental human feature – Fear of Death.

The Series follows dangerous chain of events that brings upon a web of intrigue and the power struggle begins in search of control over the powerful medication.

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Created by: Leo Garcia & Frederico Ruas 

Directed by:  Emiliano Cunha & Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro

Produced by:  Leo Garcia, Frederico Ruas, Emiliano Cunha & Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro


Werner Schünemann (Netto Perde Sua Alma, Me Beija, Seven Women), Gabriela Poester (Bruxa de Fábrica, Through Ernesto’s Eyes, Dysphoria),  Aldri Anunciação (Island, The Machine, Longing, My Name Ain’t Johnny),  Maria Galant (Mulher do Pai, Sisters in the End of the World, Paralelo 30)

Year: 2021

Country: Brazil

Running Time: 8 x 1 hour

Genre: TV Series, Thriller


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