Please Be Normal

Filmed in New York City and Connecticut, “Please Be Normal” is a bold and visionary reflection on the universal problem of choosing the direction of our lives. A young, struggling playwright and theater director, Victor, and his girlfriend Mary are expecting their first child. As Mary’s father keeps buying them things they could never afford, Victor’s sense of entrapment grows. His inner struggle to meet their expectations seems to be guiding him towards a way of life he is unwilling to accept. The suffocating reality his life is becoming pushes him towards and escape, but is it for real? Awards:
Audience Choice Award, Monadnock International Film Festival, USA, 2014
Special Mention, Armenian Panorama Jury,  Golden Apricot Film Festival, Armenia, 2014
Best Cinematography Award, Golden Apricot Film Festival, Armenia, 2014
“Working confidently within the quiet, the writer and director, Haik Kocharian, lets us see the prison that love can become when responsibility smothers dreams.” – The New York Times “…Please Be Normal is a quietly affecting, minimalist drama about a couple in emotional crisis.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Director: Haik Kocharian Starring: Sam Waterston, Elisabeth Waterston, Louis Cancelmi, Dana Eskelson Year: 2014 Country: USA Running Time: 91 Minutes Genre: Drama


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