Only for Tereza

Tomáš and Tereza – a textbook love story. They are highschool sweethearts. Tomáš is a popular TV weather-man and Tereza started her own with hand-made shoes. On Christmas Eve Tereza found Tomáš, half naked, in a very delicate situation with a popular and charming TV host. Tomáš could explain the precarious situation with quite rational arguments, but he didn‘t  get a chance.

He run after Tereza but police didn’t have lot of sympathy a man running naked on the street and offered Tomáš hospitality in the local jail. When he finally got home, he found an empty apartment and a request to pack-up and move out. Tomáš is desperate and doesn’t want to give up.  His friend Karel, a film fanatic, had brilliant idea – why not get inspired by scenes from famous romantic movies? Women love that! But Tomáš will shortly learn that what works in movies, doesn’t necessarily works in real life, especially when your performance is not that great.

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Director: Jaroslav Fuit
Starring:  Igor Orozovič (The Fury, An Unlikely Romance), Veronika Khek Kubařová (Women on the Run, 10 Rules), David Matásek (Three Brothers, Husband for Rent), Lenka Vlasáková (Winter Flies, How to Shake off a Bride) , Matouš Ruml (10 Rules, Stuck with a Perfect Woman)

Producers: Jindrich Motyl, Martin Ruzicka

Year: 2021
Country: Czech Republic
Running Time: 90 min.  
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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