Night Boats (Original: Nocni Brodovi)

The last one is the same as the first: unexpected, astonishing and awkward. There are hundreds of stories of first love. This is a story of the last one. A story of a romance unexpected, a romance that would never be if Helena and Jakov had not eloped like a pair of 17-year-old teenagers jumping over a balcony fence. Escaping from a retirement home. Life suddenly changes: they travel through roadless areas in a car that has no reverse, they dump their cell phones in a river, they say to hell with everything and like fugitives they take on one last adventure trying to make it on a ship Helena didn’t board 60 years earlier. They haven’t slept for three nights and three days, and thunder roars in the distance… Last Dance. First True Romance.  Click here to see the trailer!  
Director: Igor Mirkovic Starring: Ana Karic, Radko Polic, Renata Ulmanski, Lana Baric, Bogdan Diklic, Pero Kvrgic Year: 2012 Country: Croatia Running Time: 88 Minutes Genre: Romantic Comedy


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