Meeting Mr. Christmas

Left alone on the altar her wedding day 4 years ago Sophie took her honeymoon trip by herself and wrote an honest blog post about it. Her post went viral and created her solo travel blogging career and popular blog “Sophies Solo Travels.” Days before she is about to leave for new destination, her sister called asking her to come home help with the family restaurant’s annual charity event. Soon Sophie she discovers that she will work on the event with Dr Finn Miller, town’s pediatrician. Finn has been helping her mother with the event. Sophie and Finn butt heads from the start. But, while spending time with Finn, Sophie begins to feel much better about Christmas, she loved so much as girl.

On the day of the event Finn discovers that he may have been the source material for Sophies “Mr. Christmas” article. Hurt and shocked, Finn cannot wait for Sophie to leave town. Realizing how wrong she may have been toward Finn, Sophie does not publish the article but instead writes candidly about what she truly feels. At the end we find Finn and Sophie at the dazzling night of the event. Ready to take on any adventure together with one requirement, that they will always, always come home for Christmas.




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Director: Laura Mitchell   


Greta Carew-Johns (Thor: Ragnarök, A Million Little Things), Madison Smith (The Order, Salvation), Jamie M. Callica (Ruthless, The Four Fathers),  Eileen Pedde (Juno, Battlestar Galactica),  Laura Mitchell (Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, A Great North Christmas)  

Year: 2022  

Country: Canada, USA  
Running Time: 88 min. 
Genre: Christmas Romance  


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