Generation Ikea (orig. Pokolenie Ikea)

Blackie is a charming lawyer in his mid–thirties. Driven by the adrenaline of chasing women and partying. He’s captivated by the idea of completing “the alphabet list of lovers”, where each conquest is represented by a letter of the alphabet. Stopped in his tracks, when a work colleague, Olga – the only woman with whom he is completely honest and with whom he is not sleeping – serves him an ultimatum. Following the cynical and hedonistic protagonist, we enter a world of adventurous sex, speed dating and one-night romances offered by online dating apps. The film unabashedly portrays individuals whose easy access to goods, taught them that everything can be cheaply and unreflectively replaced – a computer, furniture or even a relationship.


Based on International Bestseller

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Director: Dawid Gral


Michalina Olszanska (The Lure, Carga)

Bartosz Gelner (Floating Skyscrapers, Suicide Room)

Karolina Gorczyca (The Last Action, Agnieszka)

Maja Wolska (Wesele, Cracow Monsters)

Year: 2023  

Country: Poland 
Running Time:  104 min.   
Genre: Erotic/Rom-Com  


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