Every Player knows that he can always make someone’s lover cheat on her man. But every man is about to find out that there is somebody out there that can do better, much better, than him!

The art of cheating is traditionally a man’s game. Like the late great James Brown said, “It’s a man’s world.” These players are good liars and masters at deception in their relationships. But when it comes to moves, WOMEN DO IT BETTER!

Turning traditional male dominance in the “Players Art “on its head, this hilarious, romantic comedy follows a group of sexy, smart, pissed-off women, beating the men in their lives at their own game. And as it turns out, like in so much else in life, they’re better at it!

From the director of “JUMP OFFS” comes a romantic comedy about the art of cheating – chick style


Lovers, Liars, Cheaters and Players

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Director: Derrick Simmons
Starring: Derrick Simmons, Gano Grills, Dionne Lockett, Gabrielle C Archer, Brandhyze Stanley, Cynthia Santiago, Iris Crosse, Danny Aiello III
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running Time: 83 Minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy