This is a story of survival. A young mother, Anastasia waits in a Moscow train station for the return of her husband from WWII. With hope to free herself and her son from his abuse, she tries to leave him. When he gives her no way out, she stabs him to protect herself her son.

For her crime, Anastasia is deported to the Gulag prison camp. Enemies of the state, real criminals and petty thieves are sent here to serve hard labor in the remote regions of Siberia. Her arrival upsets the balance of power between the other women in her bunkhouse. There’s the hot-tempered bully, the cowering “mouse,” the hardened elder, the pretty one who prostitutes herself to the guards for extra food. Each woman is wrapped in a fragile co-dependency to stay alive. Anastasia is caught between them. When one prisoner escapes, tensions come to a head and Anastasia discovers the hidden truth of her survival.

“A Beautiful and deliberate exploration of human resistance.” – Film Threat

“This stays with you long after the curtain falls.” – Behind the Lens

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Director:  Simon Fink   
Starring:  Georgina Haig (The Mule, Fringe, Limitless), Katherine Isabelle (Bad Times at the El Royale), Jolene Andersen (The Affair, Ray Donovan), Vera Cherny (The Americans, Counterpart), Osa Wallander (Jane the Virgin) 
Year:  2019
Country:  USA
Running Time: 78 min.
Genre:  Drama/War