On a trip to the city museum three young boys discover a golden bowl – a part of the legendary Aztec treasure. While examining the bowl more closely they set of the secret time-traveling mechanism. Suddenly the world around them disappears, and they find themselves on board of the pirate ship – back in the 18th century. There the adventure begins. They meet the beautiful and dangerous pirate-queen Anne Bonnie, Captain Blackbeard, terrifying and ruthless pirate and a Spanish commodore, Archimbaldo, who, despite being extremely vain, is not particularly bright. The trip takes them to the island of Tortuga, the pirates’ Paradise. Governed by Anne Bonnie, Tortuga is an oasis of freedom. But, Blackbeard’s evil games are threatening to destroy the pirates’ kingdom and expose it to the Spanish Armada. This suspenseful, funny and stunningly animated adventure with furious finale will keep your young audiences glued to the screen.

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Running Time: 80 Minutes
Genre: Animation