This energetic, humorous and adventurous interpretation of the classic novel by Alexander Dumas introduces the righteous young D’Artagnan who comes to Paris to become one of King Louis’ musketeers. On the journey his father’s letter of recommendation is stolen by cardinal’s guards and D’Artagnan gained deadly enemy whom he will meet again. Just upon his arrival to Paris he managed to insult three of the most loyal king’s musketeers – Aramis, Porthos and Athos and he will fight them all in a duel one by one. It’s not all that bad for the young Gascoigne – the duel is interrupted by the cardinal’s guards who are about to arrest the musketeers – that way of defending one’s honour is illegal for some time now even in France. D’Artagnan takes side with the musketeers and together they win this first battle and become friends. Together they continue to fight against the army of power-seeking Cardinal Richelieu, who’s goal is to compromise the King and the British Duke of Buckingham. The latter is not King Loui’s friend he is madly in love with his wife, the Queen. With the help of the musketeers and beautiful Mrs Bonacieux, D’Artagnan manages to fall in love, to save the honour of the Queen, defeat the cardinal and becomes one of the King’s musketeers. Wow!

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Running Time: 75 Minutes
Genre: Animation