The Resistance

In 1937 Japan began the invasion of China by murdering over 300,000 people in the capital of Nanjing. The atrocities committed against women and their daughters are especially barbaric. In Beijing, the rumors are spreading that a masked man is systematically killing Japanese soldiers, working his way up the chain of command of Japanese invading forces. With the world’s attention on the war in Europe, the international treaties which should protect innocent civilians are useless and genocide rages throughout the country going unnoticed by international community. An American reporter is sent to China to uncover the truth about the unrest between China and Japan. What he finds threatens his own life and the sovereignty of the United States. “Never Surrender!” Click here to see the trailer!  
Director: Li Zhang Starring: Hu Sang, Jeremy Williams, Li Zhang Year: 2011 Country: USA/China Running Time: 90 Minutes Genre: Martial Arts


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Blooming Flowers

Blooming Flowers

IN POST PRODUCTION From the producers of The Last Kung Fu Monk, Man from Shaolin and The Resistance comes this new martial arts epic. Mid 20th century China - in the midst of the civil war between communists and nationalists, two European journalists find themselves...

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Man from Shaolin

Man from Shaolin

A 32nd generation Chinese Shaolin Fighting Monk Li Bao Xin must immigrate to New York City to look after young Janie, his six-year-old niece. Struggling to make a new life, Li Bao will face challenges that test his character more than his physical strength. Through it...

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The Kung Fu Monk

The Kung Fu Monk

Abandoned as a child, Li Long became a Shaolin monk and a master teacher at Kung Fu. He receives word that his long lost brother has died in a car crash and as the only surviving relative, he must travel to New York to care for his young nephew. Li meets an old...

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