Abandoned as a child, Li Long became a Shaolin monk and a master teacher at Kung Fu. He receives word that his long lost brother has died in a car crash and as the only surviving relative, he must travel to New York to care for his young nephew. Li meets an old friend, Dave, who helps Li to open a Kung Fu school, not knowing that Dave’s funding was borrowed from the Russian mafia. When the mobsters demand payback, they kidnap Dave and some of the students to force Li to fight in their underground fighting club. No longer a peaceful warrior, Li will be forced to defeat every fighter in the club in order to even the score with the mafia and free his friends.

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Director: Peng Zhang Li
Starring: Peng Zhang Li, Cindy Carino, Robert Christie and Matt Harlan Cohen
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Running Time: 87 Minutes
Genre: Martial Arts