This dark coming-of-age tale set in a Texas town explores the behaviors of people swimming in abusive relationships. Brandon, a high school wrestler, wants to leave everything behind including his negligent mother, but instead finds himself sinking down a deep rabbit hole. The story begins when a sheriff and his deputy stand over a dead body hit by a car. As they stare perplexed at the corpse, the scene fades into present day where a series of seemingly unrelated events unfold – lonely high school coach scolds his athletes for fighting, a prostitute steals from a Cowboy and sneaks out of a motel room and our protagonist, Brandon, breaks his arm during a wrestling match. Lives begin to intersect and unravel in surprising ways once Brandon encounters Pearla and her pimp Oz Bacco. As Brandon’s relationship with Pearla intensifies so does Oz’s propensity for violence and mayhem. When Brandon agrees to drive Pearla to a friend’s house, things turn for the worst as she unintentionally draws him into murderous events surrounding the contents of a stolen bag. Lured by money and the curiosity of the unfamiliar world, Brandon finds himself directly in Oz’s menacing path. As secrets and nightmares begin to surface, Brandon and Pearla fight desperately to save themselves from the suffocating grips of predators that lurk in their small town.

Title song “Where is my Mind” (Pixies) is written by Frank Black, founder of the Pixies, performed by Mara Lee Miller and arranged by Curtis Glenn Heath.

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Director:    Van Ditthavong
Starring:   Addison Timlin (Fallen, Stand Up Guys), Alex MacNicoll (Vice, A-X-L, The 5th Wave), Dash Mihok (Silver Lining Playbook, Ray Donovan), Corin Nemec (Marriage of Lies, Shooter), Nick Chinlund (The Chronicles of Riddick, Training Day)
Year:  2019
Country: USA
Running Time: 108 min.
Genre: Crime Drama/Thriller