Ben is an complacent  mechanic with a hidden ambition to make music. One night he strikes up a conversation with a pretty lady in a bar and the two quickly proceed to Facebook flirting and then dating in the real world. Ben knows from the get-go that Linda is his boss’s daughter and his co-workers make it their business to help develop this budding relationship, making for some very funny moments.
Linda believes Ben’s lie that he is in a band and Ben goes to a lot of trouble to reinforce the idea, starting a band with two friends from work. Once Linda figures out the truth, she dumps Ben and this is where it gets interesting (and funny) – Ben has to figure out what he is prepared to fight for.

“This is what rom-com should be – clever, funny and – relatable!  –  Rotten Tomatoes

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Director:    Corne van Rooyen
Starring:   Stiaan Smith (Forever), Amalia Uys (Sink), James Gracie (Eye in the Sky), James Cunningham (Snatch)

Year:  2016
Country: South Africa
Running Time: 89 min.
Genre: Romantic Comedy