At a time when legal and illegal immigration is taking front pages and headlines of all news outlets,  here is the British Psychological Thriller/Drama that will bring very interesting aspect of immigration to the big screen.

In the film, unlike in Japanese myth of the Seven Gods of Fortune – an illegal immigrant from Albania infiltrates the lives of a group of seven Londoners with devastating consequences. They all, like in the Japanese myth,  bring something in his life and he, in return,  changes their lives forever.


Grand Prize – Tirana International Film Festival, Albania
Best Feature Film – Canada International Film Festival
Gold Lion Award – Barcelona International Film Festival
Best Feature Film – Honolulu Film Awards, Hawaii
Special Jury Prize – Worldfest Houston
Best Actor (Nik Xhelilaj) – Worldfest Houston
Best Actress Nomination (Alison Peebles) – Worldfest
Best Original Screenplay – St Tropez Int Film Festival
Best Lead Actress (Alison Peebles) – St Tropez Film Festival
Bronze Palm Award – Mexico International Film Festival
Best Foreign Film Nomination – Phoenix Film Festival
Best Production Design Nomination (Jamil Dehlavi) – Milan International Film Festival
Best Supporting Actress Nomination (Kate Maravan) – Milan International Film Festival

Official Selection In Competition London International Film Festival

Official Selection Hoboken International Film Festival

Official Selection Salento International Film Festival

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Director: Jamil Dehlavi
Starring: Nik Xhelilaj (The Albanian), Christopher Villiers (First Knight), Alison Peebles (AfterLife), Kate Maravan (Flawless), Alexandra Boyd (From Paris with Love), Vernon Dobtcheff (Before Sunset)
Year: 2015
Country: United Kingdom
Running Time: 102 Minutes
Genre: Thriller/Suspense