Original title: “Sedam i Po”

A Film of Seven Mortal Sins

Seven stories ‘from the neighborhood’ are intertwined with the theme of Seven Mortal Sins. These funny and endearing stories  show lives of the citizens of Belgrade (Serbia) who are obsessed with their weaknesses and driven by their passions. Nothing is strange to them and they don’t hesitate to go beyond morality since they have a concept of their own ethics.

Yet the film doesn’t moralize – it discovers that there is and should be a moment of catharsis and redemption although the characters make mistakes. Their lives, in Christian terms, aren’t sinful, and their weaknesses are caused by the context they live in.

Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Anger, Sloth and Envy – those are Biblical sins but they became almost absurd in a context of much worse problems of modern civilization.

This story repeatedly calls out for laughter – to conquer the fear and problems, to be self-ironic to laugh at themselves – it’s the way of transcending the pain. These people get hurt by the fact that they need so little to be happy.

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Director: Miroslav Momcilovic
Starring: Boris Komnenic, Milan Gutovic, Marija Karan, Branko Vidakovic, Branislav Trifunovic
Year: 2009
Country: Serbia
Running Time: 110 Minutes
Genre: Comedy