When debts are due, there’s nowhere to hide and somebody is going to pay. This is a cash-on-the-run movie where a number of shady characters in need of a large sum of money battle it out to capture $20,000 inside a plastic bag. Two brothers mixed up in the underworld, one with a $30,000 debt to a mob boss and the other with the intention of running away from his life of crime with the woman he loves and almost $100 grand in cash – clash over the money.

A low level bagman, his wife, his brother, a stripper, the strip club owner, a junkie whore, a psychopathic mute, a crime boss – all collide in a final dance of death, money and survival.

Petty Cash is a crime drama starring Bai Ling (The Crow, Crank 2 and Celebrity Rehab), Elvis Thao (Gran Torino), Robert W.C. Kennedy and Cyn Dulay.

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Director: Ross Bigley
Starring: Bai Ling, Cyn Dulay, Robert W.C. Kennedy, Edy Cullen, Nathaniel Ross, Joshua Parkes, Tom Lodewyck, Dan Katula, James J. Gallagher, Stacey Meyer, Wayne Clingman
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Running Time: 86 Minutes
Genre: Drama