The last one is the same as the first: unexpected, astonishing and awkward. There are hundreds of stories of first love. This is a story of the last one. A story of a romance unexpected, a romance that would never be if Helena and Jakov had not eloped like a pair of 17-year-old teenagers jumping over a balcony fence. Escaping from a retirement home. Life suddenly changes: they travel through roadless areas in a car that has no reverse, they dump their cell phones in a river, they say to hell with everything and like fugitives they take on one last adventure trying to make it on a ship Helena didn’t board 60 years earlier. They haven’t slept for three nights and three days, and thunder roars in the distance…

Last Dance. First True Romance. 

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Director: Igor Mirkovic
Starring: Ana Karic, Radko Polic, Renata Ulmanski, Lana Baric, Bogdan Diklic, Pero Kvrgic
Year: 2012
Country: Croatia
Running Time: 88 Minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy