Meisie is a heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of a goat-herding young girl who wants to go to school. When a twenty-something school teacher form Cape Town is posted small rural town in the Kalahari desert she encounters a talented but uneducated little girl whose life she is determined to turn around. in her battle to teach Meisie, the teacher must convince skeptical and hardened little girls’ father of the benefits and importance of education. Click here to see the trailer!  
Director:  Darrel Roodt Starring:  Renate Stuurman, Abrina Bosman, Raymond Basson, Desmond Classen Year: 2007 Country: South Africa Running Time: 80 min. Genre: Drama


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A Dance for Bethany

A Dance for Bethany

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Amber and Grace

Amber and Grace

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Markets and Festivals

These are the film and television festivals and markets we attend in order to market our films and series, meet with our buyers and look for potential acquisition opportunities.

Close to each event we will publish our screenings and meetings schedule for potential availability.

  • American Film Market
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • European Film Market
  • Hong Kong Filmart
  • KidScreen Summit
  • NATPE Budapest
  • NATPE Miami
  • Toronto International Film Festival