This film is based on the book by Leon van Nierop and the original TV series from the 80’s.

The story focuses on the disappearance of successful author Jacques Rynhard (Armand Aucamp). Carina Human (Donna-Lee Roberts) is a journalist at a tabloid newspaper Montage and is ordered by her sleazy boss to find all the dirt in Rynhard’s life.  The more Carina searches, the less she seems to find:  No-one that knows Jacques has any issue with him – he is a loved and respected man, the darling of the country and his own community.  Desperate for information and good story; story that will open the door for a  really great job at a respectable newspaper  she always wanted.  Finally Carina hits the payday.

But the more she understands  the events from Jacques life,  less she wants to tell the public what really happened.

“We all loved the show from the 80’s but this film you must see!” – Daily Sun

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Director:  Quentin Krog
Starring:   DonnaLee Roberts ( Road to your Heart, Forever), Aermand  Aucamp (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom), Anel Alexander (Sink),  Christia Visser (Tess,  Girl from Nowhere)

Year: 2016
Country: South Africa
Running Time: 136 min.
Genre: Thriller/Mystery