Local Vampire is set in a small village on the lake-shore. The main character is a young businessman who is set up in a gambling con and he owes lot of money to wrong people. To protect him, his mother reports him dead. But, every night he sneaks out of his attic hideout and pretending to be a vampire tries to expose and punish his enemies. The appearance of vampire in the village attracts tourists and world’s business. The dormant little village becomes tourist mecca and its citizens got greedy. Meanwhile our original vampire returns to his temporarily widowed  wife ready to start a new life. A hilarious comedy!

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Director: Branko Baletic
Starring: Miso Obradovic, Kristina Stevovic, Gordana Gadzic, Mladen Nelevic
Year: 2011
Country: Montenegro
Running Time: 110 Minutes
Genre: Comedy