Frank Di Angelo is employed by Mr. Silva, one of the last Mafia’s leaders. Frank is his chief lieutenant, a man of trust who takes care of racketeering, beatings, executions.
Frank is a good employee, even more precious when a rival criminal organization, headed by the Russian Andreï Milkhov, begins to gain territory, buying the services of some of Mr. Silva’s men.
Even in a gang war, Di Angelo remains faithful to his brothers in arms. But events will force him to make a choice between his crime family and his true family. He will soon discover that his partners are not the most reliable allies.

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Director:    David Aboucaya
Starring:   Manuel Gonçalves (Red Snow), David Aboucaya (Winter War), Pierre Loussier (The Crossroads)
Year: 2016
Country: France
Running Time: 120min.
Genre: Crime Drama