From murder of the Black Dahlia to the reign of the Manson Family, Ryan and Colin’s web series “L.A. Macabre” covers it all. When they discover Callie, a waitress at their local diner, was a member of the mysterious defunct cult “The New Family”, they pay her to sit down for interviews. They delve into the history of the cult – creepy crawling, psychological programming of the members, and bodies buried in barrels in the desert.
But someone doesn’t like the questions they’re asking and it soon becomes clear they may all now be targets of the same cult they believed to be disbanded. Is Callie involved in these creepy occurrences, or has her involvement in the show put her at risk as well? Is there a connection to Ryan’s uncle Randy, a former detective involved in the New Family investigation? Tensions simmer and events escalate until Jamie, Ryan’s little sister is taken in a breathless bait-and-switch kidnapping.
Now, with the help of Callie and Randy, the team embarks on a dark journey into the desert, kicking down the doors of former cult members in the search for answers. They must confront the past to understand the present and discover where Jamie is being held and why.

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Director:  Dan Ast   
Starring:  Christina Wren (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Down of Justice), Aidan Bristow (American Horror Story),  Ryan Bartley (Dark Phoenix, Spider-man: Far from Home), Jenny Curtis (Any Bullet Will Do, Modern Family), Ryan Hellquist (Milk, Dark Prophet)
Year: 2018 – 2019
Country: USA
Running Time: 15x30min 
Genre: TV Series, Crime Drama, Thriller