In a man’s mind there are only two roles for a women in a relationship; either you’re somebody’s Significant-Other or you’re somebody’s Jump-Off.
Actor-Stuntman Derrick Simmons makes his writing-directing debut in this gritty, urban, romantic comedy, JUMP OFFS; where he also plays dual roles as Malik, the two-timing all-star player, and Oops, the team hustler.
JUMP OFFS tells the story of six men with different types of game skills; defensive players, rebounders, crossover players, bench warmers and more. Watch them jumping from relationship to relationship until sex, lies and betrayal turns friends against each other with painful and hilarious consequences.
Will they grow up? Will they treat women with respect? Or will they just improve their game skills and move on to new JUMP OFFS? Find out!


If You’ve Got A Great Jump Shot… You Can Play In The NBA
If You’ve Got A Great Jump Off… You Can Be A Player!

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Director: Derrick Simmons
Starring: Derrick Simmons, A.J. Ekoku, Walter Nicols, Timothy Mc Adams, Dinah Carter, Jessica Wagner
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy