Six random patients struggle with different issues that are as diverse as their backgrounds. A psychological drama that reminds us, “We are all strangers”

Gerald, a homeless man worth millions of dollars lives on the streets. He searches for forgiveness in the sudden death of his love 13 years earlier, Heather. The second patient is Maggie, a beautiful orthodox Jewish bride tries to salvage a marriage constructed around a fundamental untruth. Will she ever feel true love? The third, Sylvester, lost his son, who was 26. He never said “I love you”, to his son. Can he forgive himself?  There are three more patients, Carl and Adam and Mordecai. All of them have a myriad of emotions and demons they are trying to unravel or escape. But its all very entertaining…

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Director:  Daniel Bollag  
Starring:  Edward Kasper (The Garden), Janelle Odair ( Shock Value), Courtney Morse (The Perfect Weapon)
Year:  2017
Country: USA
Running Time: 75 Min.
Genre: Drama