Grace & Splendor (Donaire & Esplendor)

There are two rival families living on the opposite side of the street in the traditional carnival of Las Tablas: Up Street and Down Street.
A young couple, after an unexpected meeting in the airport, falls hopelessly in love. She belongs to one of the most important dynasties in Down Street, and he is the only son of the most influential queen of the Up Street.
The war that started when both their mothers were queens is now revived by the new love born between them.
A romantic comedy that happens at the carnival – among floats, music, sea and fireworks – turns a whole town into the protagonist of crazy events and conflicts that, in the style of Romeo & Juliet, put at risk the love of the two main characters. But in a very funny way!

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Director:   Arturo Montenegro
Starring:    Lupita Ferrer, Lorna Paz, Yiniva Cardenas, Elmis Castillo
Year:  2017
Country: Panama
Running Time: 96 min.
Genre: Comedy

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