The entire nation of Panama dreams of qualifying for the first time in its history to the World Cup. Jamal, the most loyal fan of the national soccer team is so desperate for Panama to qualify for the World Cup that at one point he looks into heavens and makes a promise to his Saint – “If we qualify for the World Cup I will go to Russia and I will marry Russian girl!”  Well, the team qualified for Russia and Jamal now firmly believes the he must keep his promise – a promise made in despair will take Jamal to the distant and frozen Russia in the middle of winter to find his new wife.

  • “This is the funniest film I have seen in years!“ – Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap

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Director:   Arturo Montenegro
Starring:   Joshua Blake, Elmis Castillo, Liza Hernandez, DaLuna Kraemer, Ekaterina Pripasnikova
Year:  2018
Country: Panama
Running Time:  91min.
Genre:  Comedy