Cry Now follows the electrifying sexy encounters between Vincent, a street poster artist, and Luzy, a tattoo designer. But Sofia, Vincent’s obsessive ex-girlfriend, is not ready to let go.

A charming, hip and modern fairy tale love story between a soulful graffiti artist,Vincent and sexy tattoo artist Luzy…” – Indiewire

The film is, tripped-out, magical LA love story about a young Latino who falls for a Chicana tattoo artist.” – The Huffington Post

With an endearing cast, a wondrous indie soundtrack straight from East LA, as well as a sometimes dream-like view of the neighborhoods of Boyle Heights, ‘Cry Now’ brings a romance with a very Latino and art-centric presence.” – El Observador

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Director: Alberto BARBOZA
Starring: Miguel Angel CABALLERO (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), Iliana CARTER (Walkout), Mina OLIVERA (Rio), Alex MERAZ (The Twilight Saga), Sal LOPEZ (Full Metal Jacket), Elia SALDANA (Chiaroscuro)
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Running Time: 89 Minutes
Genre: Drama