This is a tale of family and loyalty, love and loss, betrayal and redemption. As the local mob destroys the life of a big family and leaves them on the brink of survival, a powerful, yet secret love burns between Marko, a gangster and Angela, young daughter of the betrayed father. Good fortune smiles for a brief moment on the family full of unconventional funny characters as they find a long lost treasure, but Angela betrays them by stealing it just to save Marko’s life. In the end they will take Angela back; they don’t know and they don’t want any different, they are and will always be a family…

“Beasts of the Southern Wild meets Winter’s Bone; poetic, powerful, beautiful!” – The Guardian

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Director: Antonio Mitriceski
Starring: Ivana Pavlakovic, Vlado Jovanovski, Meto Jovanovski, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
Year: 2013
Country: Macedonia
Running Time: 83 Minutes
Genre: Drama