When Phil is tossed out by the love of his life, Jen, he stays with two old friends who come upon a magic shirt that guarantees them sex with all the women they can handle. Suddenly the three losers have their lives change for the better pursuing a daily diet of Maxim models and close encounters with Hollywood’s hottest (Rosario Dawson, Kristen Bell & Kristy Swanson). Meanwhile, Phil schemes to use the shirt to win back Jen. But when an insane marine steals the shirt and threatens to use it on Jen, Phil’s battle for her affections takes on dangerously high stakes. They may be looking for easy sex but they wind up finding the meaning of true love.

The Getdown is an edgy-as-all-get-out comedy about truth, justice, and the American lay.

With Appearances By: Owen Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Kristen Bell, Tracy Morgan, Kristy Swanson, John Witherspoon, Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes.

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Director: Ryan Williams
Starring: Jeff Venables
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Running Time: 94 Minutes
Genre: Comedy