SARA (Olyenik) is a photographer who is constantly being offered high paying commercial work, but is losing site of her artistic nature that made her a success in the first place. Her best friend not only challenges her to go back to her roots, but he might very well be in love with her. AMY (Hall) suffers a loss that has changed her life. Her mother tries to help, her brother doesn’t know what to do, and her father gets her to throw a party for her dead grandfarther. KATIE (Thompson) is an actress in an unpredictable relationship with a more successful, but less talented actor. She is trying to decide which path to follow with her career, and her boyfriend is only making things worse. BETH (Nash) is a psychiatrist who keeps her secrets hidden deep inside. By coincidence she ends up at a patient’s party, and it causes her to open up in a new way. The stories come together and each show us a little bit about the human struggle we all deal with.

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Director: Tony Hickman
Starring: Sarah Thompson (7th Heaven, Angel, The Ice Storm), Larisa Oleynik (Third Rock, Malcolm in the Middle), Jennifer Hall (Bewitched, Confessionsk of a Dangerous Man), Corri English (The Bedford Diaries, Without a Trace), Michael Gross (Ally McBeal, Law & Order, Boston Legal, FDR), Sara Jane Nash (Curse of Alcatraz, Lady Windermere’s Fan)
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Running Time: 97 Minutes
Genre: Drama