A young Latina woman in an abusive relationship watches her life fall apart when the child protective services take custody of her children. She is ordered to see a counselor to have a chance of regaining custody, and set a new course for her life. Through visits with a psychiatrist, who seems to have it all – but is struggling with her own despairs, the young woman finds strength to face life’s challenges. In the end it is unclear who has gained more from their sessions; the psychiatrist herself or the young mother, as both gain valuable perspectives. Set against the picturesque cityscape of Chicago, Bloom is a contemporary look at Latino youth, the value of family and how everyone, no matter their circumstance, must overcome challenges in order to better their lives.

Director: Julio De Los Santos
Starring: Jessi Perez, Mara Monserrat, Greta De Bofsky, Maritza Nazario
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Running Time: 98 Minutes
Genre: Drama