Billie & Emma

Set in the 90’s, the film tells the story of Billie, a troublemaker from the big city, who finds herself exiled to San Isidro to live with her spinster aunt, town’s religion teacher. Determined to change her ways and get through the last year of high school without incident, Billie hides herself from the world until she meets Emma, the ambitious, star student who coaxes Billie out of her shell. They soon fall in love but things get complicated when Emma finds out that she’s pregnant. Together, they explore the fleeting nature of love and life on this journey of growth, laughter and music.

FAMAS Awards

Nominated, FAMAS Award
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Cielo Aquino
Nominated, FAMAS Award
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, Gabby Padilla

Star Awards for Movies

Nominated, Star Award
New Movie Actress of the Year, Gabby Padila

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Director:    Samantha Lee
Starring:    Gabby Padilla (Eerie), Zar Donato (From Beyond the Horizon), Beauty Gonzalez ( Feng Shui 2)
Year:  2018
Country: Philippines
Running Time: 107 min. 
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy


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