Amber and Grace

Based on real events this is the gritty story of Amber, teenage girl from Los Angeles, who has been kidnapped and sex-trafficked. This is also a story of Amber’s healing and recovery at a ranch in Arizona, called Rancho Milagro. Amber and Grace shines a light on the dark, dangerous and humiliating world of sex trafficking. It is a front row seat in this devastating journey into the seedy underworld that is all to real.  But, story of Amber and Grace is also an uplifting and powerful story of teenage girl who finds her strength and courage and will to build new life for herself. Surrounded by love, care and horses at the Rancho Milagro she started turning her life around for good.

This touching and truly important story was shot on location at the “real” Rancho Milagro, where they bring young sex trafficking victims for recovery and healing.


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Director:  Paul Winters  
Starring:  Cori Rae Lauren (introducing), Mark Speno (Graves,  American Dreams), Melissa Wiehl (Run for the High Country), Bill Wetherill (Kindness Matters, A Time for Heaven)
Year: 2019
Country:  USA
Running Time: 87 min.
Genre: Family Drama


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